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Mijas Costa is a large stretch of land which is approximately 30 minutes west of Málaga international airport and all urbanisations in this municipality are positioned along and accessed by the A7 (N340) coast road.

When talking about Mijas Costa it generally refers to a stretch of land from Calahonda, along the coast to Riviera del Sol, Miraflores, La Cala, El Faro and also includes inland areas that envelope Fuengirola along Mijas Costa’s  north edge. .

Generally anything south of the A7 is Fuengirola at this point, and anything North would be Mijas Costa (although this region is not strictly speaking on the coast). The municipality covers 148km. 

Mijas Costa has only recently been developed and consists of urbanisations and golf courses catering for a growing number of ex-pat residents and holiday makers. Three decades ago Mijas Costa was mostly farmland interspersed with luxury villas generally belonging to people with enough wealth to buy themselves peace and tranquility.

The region grew along the edges of the main coastal thoroughfare between Málaga and Marbella, known as the A7 (N340); allowing easy access to Málaga airport. Growth was inevitable as tourists flocked to the region and purchased holiday homes. 

All the towns in Mijas Costa are relatively new, but the odd roman building can still be found amongst the newer townhouses, villas and apartments